How We Help:

We help businesses connect directly with their most targeted prospects so that they can generate new business. We do all the work to generate the lead for you including creating the data list, writing the copy and deploying email, direct mail, or call center services. Our process is turn-key and works as follows:

  • We will create a targeted list of potential clients based on geography and title.
  • We will create a professional introductory letter to send to your list.
  • We will forward all prospect responses to you on a daily basis (via email or phone).
  • You pay only for responses.

Who We Help:

We are able to work with most companies to generate targeted prospects for their business. Some of our typical clients include:

  • Service Providers (Law Firms, CPA Firms, business consultants, etc.)
  • Business Organization / Technology Providers (Software & Services)
  • Telecom Providers (Systems & Services)
  • Web Marketing Providers
  • Direct Marketing Providers
  • Advertising & PR Firms
  • Corporate Travel & Gifting
  • Corporate Lenders
  • Executive MBA Programs
  • Financial Advisors (Insurance, wealth management, etc.)
  • Business Brokers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Franchisers

Our Lists:

We’ve been in the data business since 1987. We maintain a database of over 16MM business executives and 30MM consumers that enables us to customize a list specifically for your business. Some of our most popular lists include:

Business Lists


  • CEO mailing & email addresses
  • Business owner mailing & email addresses
  • By revenue and/or number of employees
  • Company and executive phone numbers
  • Top small businesses
  • Women executives
Consumer Lists


  • By gender, geography, and/or age
  • By income or net worth
  • By marital status and or presence of children
  • Home ownership and/or value
  • Special interest lists (tennis, golf, etc.)
  • Ethnic surnames & speakers
  • Swimming pool owners
  • Mail order buyers


We are experts at direct marketing. As such, we believe that our compensation should be based on our ability to generate prospects for your business rather than our efforts. We are primarily compensated on a pay per lead basis.

Lead Generation

Cost is based on demographic and behavioral targeting for Consumer Campaigns and geography, SIC code or industry, company size, and level of executive targeted for B2B Campaigns.

Pay Per Performance Leads $150 – $1,500 per Lead

Have our marketing professionals custom tailor a solution for you.

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